Brand Origin

Brand Origin

Bosmos International Co., Ltd, 

is the Leading Bubble Tea Supplier In Taiwan. Bosmos is a created brand name mixed by the first letter B for BEST BOBA and word COSMOS, we believe that we are able to offer the best products and satisfy

Our clients all around the world. We’re a bubble tea ingredients manufacturer, global business, and supply, dedicated to sharing this beautiful Taiwanese culture with the world

Four Brand Insistence


Bosmos guarantee the best quality you can have. Develop your drink with us. Achieve your goal much earlier

Longer shelf life, chewy tapioca, better flavored powders with all kinds of flavor.

Bosmos is ’24 hours online’ No night in Bosmos world.

All the messages will be replied within 6 hours. Now is the best time to contact us



Competitive prices and fast delivery 

We are welcome to discuss the price, and of course, All the products will be delivered on time

If  you are not able to find the bubble tea ingredients you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach us 

Bosmos will let you have anything you need for your shop.


Feature Category

Premium Popping Boba


Fruit Syrup

Coconut Jelly

Tea leaves